Where It All Started

My name is Julian Kimmel. I grew up with a true appreciation for organic and sustainable sourced produce. A series of events in my life led me to discover a little island in the Caribbean called Puerto Rico. I quickly fell in love not only with the beautiful (and often untouched) natural landscapes, but also the friendly people and warm culture. I felt right at home.

As I traveled through the island, I met some very interesting people -- among them, was a farmer and coffee producer in Adjuntas who owned a sustainable coffee farm using the highest farming practices. Adjuntas is a small mountainside municipality, roughly in the center of the island. Lots of adventure seekers pass though to go on hikes through the beautiful mountains, or to enjoy the river and water holes. My new friend explained that the cool climate and high mountains in Adjuntas create the ideal setting for producing the best tasting coffee beans. He said Puerto Rico use to be one of the world’s biggest coffee producers in the 1800s and early 1900s, but that many farmers stopped producing because it became financially unsustainable. Soon after that we started doing business together.

In this process, I’ve had the opportunity to learn hands-on pretty much everything there is to know about coffee production. Now I’ve taken this high-quality coffee and made it accessible all over in top locations in San Juan, Puerto Rico. This includes El Morro, Café con Cé, Cocobana, Berlingeri, Libros AC, Kai Organic Bar, Piola, and Omrkt (with more coming soon). Through this online platform, I’m also able to take this coffee abroad. I can only hope that my coffee helps get Puerto Rico back on the map; recognized once again as the home of some of the best coffee in the world!